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Corporate Performance Group sponsors events and workshops to help Oklahoma and Arkansas business owners and leaders address the specific challenges they face. These events and workshops provide an opportunity for business leaders and owners to learn about solutions to their challenges and to exchange ideas with other business leaders and owners.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Business owners and leaders will come together to learn the Timeless Principles for Changing Times from The Alternative Board’s (TAB) President and CEO, Jason Zickerman.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • The Red Rose Principle, learn if you have one, and how to develop one if you don’t
  • How to build promoters in your business, and understanding your Net Promoter Score
  • How to identify and develop the right measurements in your business
  • The importance of having a definitive culture, and what to do if you don’t
  • Why knowing the value of your time is essential and, how to stop wearing too many hats in your business

Attendees will also receive a complimentary copy of the updated eBook ‘Timeless Principles for Changing Times’ with an additional 18 principles.

Wednesday 9th September 2020 at 9 am – 10 am CST.  Click Here

Tuesday 15th September 2020 at 5 pm – 6 pm CST.  Click Here