Strategic Traction

Many entrepreneurial and family-owned companies hit a ceiling that limits their long-term success and growth.  If companies don’t break through the ceiling, they eventually begin a slow, painful decline.  Building on our experience in helping hundreds of companies break through the ceiling, Corporate Performance Group provides business advisory, coaching and Strategic Traction facilitation support to help business leaders energize and transform their companies.

What is Strategic Traction?

We developed Strategic Traction, a strategic planning process combined with an Operating System to define accountabilities and drive execution, from our experience as Strategic Framework and EOS facilitators.   Most large companies have Management Systems in place, but many mid-sized and small companies “fly by the seat of the pants.” 

The system is designed for entrepreneurial and family-owned companies – but we have also used it successfully with large companies and nonprofits.

What Does Strategic Traction Do?

In simple terms, Strategic Traction gets everyone in a company working together in the same direction.  This diagram illustrates how many companies operate without an effective Management System:

This is how companies operate with Strategic Traction:

Why Strategic Traction?

Here’s what one of our clients said about Strategic Traction:

“Bottom line, our revenues have more than doubled and our profits have tripled in the last three years.  Some of the improvement is tied to new opportunities in our industry, but a lot of the improvement is because Strategic Traction has changed the way we run our business.

“We have a clear strategy for building our business, our people have a better understanding of what is expected of them and WE GET THINGS DONE.  My only regret is that I didn’t tap into Strategic Traction about ten years ago.”