What is My Business Worth?

We recommend that business owners get an independent valuation of their company every year so they always know what their company is worth.  Independent valuations can be expensive, but we have a better option for business owners.

As a strategic partner with Waypoint Private Capital, we help business owners quickly determine the value of their company – and it’s a free service we provide.

Using a sophisticated online tool, we go through a short questionnaire with a business owner in an in-person or Zoom/Teams meeting.  At the end of the meeting, we give the business owner a report that outlines what their business is currently worth – and also highlights what the company could be worth if they addressed certain factors that are affecting the value of the business.

The “Gap” between the current value and the potential value provides an easy to understand starting place for improving the performance and increasing the value of the company.

Contact us at info@corporateperformancegroup.com if you would like to learn more about our free baseline valuation service.