Turn Around At-Risk Companies

A combination of factors, including financial challenges, operational problems, competitive setbacks, disasters, or fraud, can contribute to companies getting into trouble.  Without effective action to identify and correct core problems, many companies that run into trouble are eventually forced to sell at a heavily discounted price or end up liquidating.

Building on our experience in helping to transform hundreds of underperforming companies, we provide turnaround and crisis management support for financially challenged and at-risk companies:

Perform Triage and Drive Short-Term Fixes

Corporate Performance Group’s consultants have extensive hands-on operational and financial management experience as C-level executives and consultants so that we can provide quick-strike capabilities for companies dealing with critical financial and cash challenges.  Our experienced consultants can come up to speed quickly to stabilize an at-risk company.

Develop Cash Model

Using a financial model advocated by the Turnaround Management Association, we analyze a company’s financial performance, liquidity, and cash position.  The model provides a rolling thirteen-week cash projection for operating the company.

Conduct In-Depth Assessment

After completing the cash flow model, we evaluate a company’s viability and develop an action plan.  If the company is viable, action plans typically involve carefully managing cash while restructuring and recapitalizing the company.  If the company is not viable, we put together an action plan for selling or liquidating the company.

Restructure and Recapitalize

Corporate Performance Group provides hands-on management and long-term advisory support to help companies complete restructuring and transformation efforts.

Sell or Liquidate Company

If the decision is made to sell or liquidate the company, we can maximize recovery by selling companies or disposing of assets strategically instead of relying on typical liquidation or fire sale techniques.


Corporate Performance Group:

  • Helped a manufacturer streamline operations and go from a significant loss to a 10% EBITDA margin is less than two years.
  • Acted as interim COO to restructure an under-performing holding company with seven subsidiaries.  Converted the group into a single brand and refocused available capital into the highest margin/growth subsidiaries.  The result was a 30% increase in top line revenue and an 80% increase in EBITDA.
  • Acted as interim CFO of a manufacturer being forced into liquidation to restructure and streamline the company.  Helped reconfigure the company’s financial structure and negotiate new financing.  The company increased EBITDA significantly within 12 months and was able to re-establish a strong competitive position in the market.
  • Acted as interim CEO of a severely challenged distribution company to drive restructuring and re-capitalization effort.  Rebuilt the management team, developed a focused strategic plan and streamlined critical functions to reduce expenses, increase margins and optimize capitalization.  The company returned to profitability and was acquired by a strategic investor in 18 months.
  • Helped a travel services company restructure and optimize underperforming business units.  The business units went from operating losses to significant profitability in less than two years.