Acquire Companies

Corporate Performance Group partners with Waypoint Private Capital to provide specialized support to help our clients acquire companies:

Define Objectives and Strategy

We begin an acquisition effort by helping our client clearly define their objectives and lay out a strategy for achieving their objectives.

Identify and Screen Potential Acquisitions

We work with our client to develop a profile for potential acquisitions.  Using this profile, we do targeted research to identify and contact potential acquisitions.

Operational and Risk Assessments

Our senior consultants go behind the numbers to perform objective operational and risk assessments of potential acquisitions.  We can quickly drill down to determine a company’s real strengths, weaknesses, improvement opportunities and risks – and develop action plans to address the most critical challenges and risks.

Acquire Capital

We also provide specialized support to help companies, investors and entrepreneurs acquire capital for acquisitions.

Transaction Support

CPG provides evaluation, business advisory, negotiation, due diligence, and transaction specific support to successfully complete acquisition transactions.

Integration Support

The importance of integration is often overlooked, but without successful integration, even a well-conceived acquisition can become a problem.  We help companies identify and avoid the problems that can trip up integration efforts.