Why CPG?

There are three reasons why CPG is able to provide unparalleled coaching and business advisory results:

Been There, Done That – We have hands-on experience running businesses and strong backgrounds in strategic planning, financial management, profitability improvement, organizational development, and leadership coaching.  Building on our experience, we find and use the most effective techniques and tools to help business owners, leaders and investors improve the performance and maximize the value of their companies.

We Take Your Business Personally – We have a passion for helping privately-owned businesses succeed and take a personal interest in helping our clients achieve their personal goals and achieve a better work/life balance.  Unlike consultants who focus on completing particular projects or achieving short-term objectives, CPG typically develops long-term business advisory, and coaching relationships with our clients.  In many cases, we become de facto members of a company’s leadership team.

We Produce Results – Our clients will tell you that we help them achieve significant, measurable improvements in revenue, profitability, and company value while also helping them achieve their financial and personal objectives.