Leadership Development

Corporate Performance Group provides leadership development and coaching support to improve the effectiveness of business leaders and leadership teams.


Using a combination of organizational interviews and TriMetrix®, a sophisticated assessment tool, we help business leaders identify specific improvement opportunities and develop personal development plans.

We also use TriMetrix® to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s leadership team and to improve organizational effectiveness.

Learn more about TriMetrix®.


Building on what we learn from the assessment process, we provide targeted educational support to introduce effective leadership concepts and techniques and clearly define leadership roles.


Corporate Performance Group’s experienced business advisors provide coaching to help business owners and leaders become more effective leaders, optimize the performance of their companies and address critical issues.  One-on-one coaching is an effective way for business owners and leadership teams to tap into our team’s broad experience and expertise.

Leadership Succession Planning

Successful companies can quickly run into problems if a business owner or key member of the executive team is incapacitated or lost without a plan in place for replacing the key person.

CPG helps develop succession plans to ensure companies survive and even prosper if a key person leaves or is lost.  Succession plans typically include specialized training and mentoring to enable successors to be effective immediately.