Strategic Execution

Building on our experience in helping hundreds of entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses become successful and sustainable companies, Corporate Performance Group provides business advisory, coaching, and Strategic Execution facilitation support to help business leaders transform their companies and energize profitability.

What is Strategic Execution?

Strategic Execution is a strategic planning and organizational development process combined with a Management System to drive execution.

A Management System is a defined set of processes and language for effectively driving, managing and controlling a company.  Most large companies have Management Systems in place, but many entrepreneurial and family-owned companies “fly by the seat of the pants.”

What Does Strategic Execution Do?

Typical strategic plans address vision and strategy – but not execution.  Studies find that 80% to 90% of strategic plans fail in execution.  As a result, companies and nonprofits are frequently disappointed with the results after committing time and money to develop elaborate strategic plans that are never executed effectively.

Combining the strategic planning strengths of the Strategic Framework, execution techniques we developed from working with hundreds of business leaders, and organizational development concepts advocated by Patrick Lencioni and other management experts, Strategic Execution provides an effective management structure for driving performance and achieving targeted results.

In simple terms, Strategic Execution gets everyone in a company working together in the same direction.  This is how many companies operate without an effective management structure:

This is how companies operate with Strategic Execution:

Why Strategic Execution?

Strategic Execution provides a proven approach for building strong organizations and sustainable companies.  Specifically, Strategic Execution:

  • Provides an easy to understand strategic vision and plan.
  • Accelerates growth and improves financial performance.
  • Builds a highly effective leadership team.
  • Ensures everyone in the organization is on the same page in terms of priorities, expectations, and accountabilities.
  • Facilitates getting the “right person” in the “right seat.”
  • Provides better control over operations and planned activities.
  • Minimizes disruptions caused by “crisis-du-jour.”

What our Clients Say

As we added new employees and new management team members, we decided to adopt and implement a management system.  Building on what we had already done with our Strategic Framework, the adoption of Strategic Execution has made us a better team.  Strategic Execution has shown us how to implement a great management program that keeps our entire company focused on our goals.”   Owner, Business Services Company (250 employees)

Strategic Execution has improved communication between our managers and our employees.  The system has made us more responsive to changes in business or surprises that come up from time to time.  For the first time. we are successfully focusing on an agreed-upon set of tasks and issues – and we are getting results quickly.”  Owner, Promotional Products Company (25 employees)

“We have a clear strategy for building our business, our people have a better understanding of what is expected of them, and WE GET THINGS DONE.  My only regret is that I didn’t tap into Strategic Execution about ten years ago.”  Owner, Manufacturing Company (60 employees)

“Bottom line, our revenues have more than doubled and our profits have tripled in the last three years.  Some of the improvement is tied to new opportunities in our industry, but a lot of the improvement is because Strategic Execution has changed the way we run our business.”  Owner, Measurement Equipment Company (35 employees)