Transform Companies

Almost every company struggles with profitability, competition, people, and operational challenges.  Corporate Performance Group has helped hundreds of business leaders energize the growth and profitability of their companies.


Corporate Performance Group has developed a self-assessment business owners can use to use to assess the sustainability of their company.  Link Here to complete the self-assessment.

Diagnostic Assessment

We typically begin by performing a diagnostic assessment of a company to identify opportunities to improve performance and profitability.  We go behind the numbers to assess a company’s strategies, organization, operations, supply chains, sales and marketing, systems and processes, financial controls, and risks.

Optimize Organization

The author of Good to Great and Built to Last, Jim Collins, got it right when he observed that a critical success factor for any business is “getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats.”  Getting the right people in the right jobs is a great strategy – but it isn’t easy to do.  We help companies find, select, hire, develop, and retain top talent using proven processes and assessment tools.

Supercharge Performance

We use Strategic Execution to supercharge a company’s performance.  Combining the strategic planning strengths of the Strategic Framework and execution techniques we developed from working with hundreds of business leaders, Strategic Execution provides an effective management structure for driving performance and achieving targeted results.

Learn More about how Strategic Execution can take a company to another level in terms of growth and profitability.

Optimize Selling Processes

We help companies drive profitable sales by clearly defining their target market, creating a compelling value proposition for their products and services, developing appropriate sales training for their sales team, and following an effective, disciplined sales process.

Optimize Financial Management Structure

Many companies struggle with unwieldy financial structures that hurt operations and limit growth.  Building on our financial management strengths and experience in helping companies raise capital, we introduce creative financial and capital solutions to help companies optimize their financial management and capital structures.

Optimize Business Processes & Systems

Critical operations and business processes evolve to meet changing requirements in most companies.  As a result, essential operations and processes are frequently inefficient and cumbersome.

Building on our extensive operational and consulting experience with other companies, we provide process optimization and change facilitation support to help companies streamline critical operations, optimize business processes, and implement enhanced systems.


Corporate Performance Group helped:

  • A regional chemical distribution company achieve a twenty-fold increase in gross revenues and an even an even more significant increase in profitability over ten years.
  • Heavy equipment manufacturer increase profitability by 300% in two years by managing strategically and building a high-performance organization.
  • A food products distributor reduce operating expenses and increase margins by 350% by refocusing its sales and marketing efforts on its most profitable customers.
  • Companies in the manufacturing, industrial services and wholesale distribution industries significantly increase margins and profitability.