Develop Succession and Exit Plans

Every business will be sold or liquidated while the owner is alive or after the owner dies – but most business owners do not have succession or ownership transition plans in place.    

Building on our experience in selling closely held and family-owned companies, Corporate Performance Group helps business owners prepare themselves and their company to successfully transition ownership of their company. 

Develop Plan

Building on our experience in helping more than a hundred business owners successfully transition ownership of their company, Corporate Performance Group developed NEXT, a leadership succession and ownership transition playbook for business owners.  NEXT helps business owners:

  • Achieve their business and personal goals when they leave their company
  • Ensure their financial security
  • Ensure the survival of their business
  • Minimize, defer or eliminate capital gains, income and estate taxes
  • Control how and when they exit their business

Prepare Company

Depending on the transition plan and circumstances, we provide specialized support to prepare a company for ownership transition.  First, we work with the business owner to improve the performance and maximize the value of their company.

Second, we help develop effective leaders to run the company after the owner exits.  In many privately held companies, much of the value of the company can be lost if the owner or key executives leave the business without strong successors in place.

Transition Ownership

Building on our extensive experience with buying and selling companies and working with private equity investors; we help business owners monetize the value in their business when they are ready to cash out by:

  • Recapitalizing their company
  • Transitioning ownership to family members
  • Selling to employees
  • Selling to third parties for maximum value  Learn More