By Dave Cleveland

It is very encouraging to see our state government starting to recognize the importance of strategy and execution in improving their performance.  I recently spent a day with Governor Stitt and his Cabinet helping them install our Strategic Traction program as part of their management processes.  Of course, many of them were from business and industry, but all of them were quick studies in applying our strategy and operating system principles to the business of government.

Governor Stitt and his team have a very ambitious vision and program for Oklahoma.  I will be surprised if they don’t successfully implement a good part of it.

About Strategic Traction:
Corporate Performance Group has helped hundreds of business leaders build successful and sustainable companies. Building on our experience, we developed Strategic Traction, a strategic and tactical planning process combined with an Operating System to define accountabilities and drive execution.  The system is effective with entrepreneurial, family-owned and large companies – and we have used it successfully with nonprofit organizations and government entities.  Learn more about Strategic Traction HERE.

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