Five Reasons Why Every Business Owner Should Have a Succession Plan

Five Reasons Why Every Business Owner Should Have a Succession Plan


National studies find that less than 20% of business owners have succession and exit plans.  From our experience, the 20% estimate is high.  In reality, very few business owners have plans in place.

There are five reasons why every business owner should have succession and exit plans in place:

#1 – Every business will be sold or liquidated while the owner is alive or after the owner dies.

#2 – On average, 75% of a business owner’s personal wealth is in their business.

#3 – 50% of private company sales and liquidations are triggered by unplanned events – including disability, illness, death, divorce, and other life events.

#4 – The owner of most small and mid-sized companies is typically the driving force in the business – and is a major reason for the company’s success.  In many respects, the owner is the business.  When the owner goes away, so does the business.

#5 – Unplanned ownership transitions or liquidations produce bad outcomes for business owners, their families, and their company.

Having succession and exit plans in place is like life insurance.  It isn’t a “top of mind” issue with most business owners – but it should be.  Their financial future, their family’s financial security and their company’s future depend on it.

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By Bruce Skaistis

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